MACHA - Messenger

This UX case study focuses on an ongoing project at MetaWork Labs, where the goal is to design a decentralized messaging platform for the web3 space.

The first version of the platform has already been launched on the Play Store and Apple Store.


The objective was to enable teams and individuals to collaborate and get the ease of using other social protocols such as Lens, XMTP, and group chats all at one place.


Product ideation and strategy to create a messaging platform that integrates various web3 protocols while providing encrypted chats.

My role


4 Months

Project Domain

Web3, Communication Platform

Target Audience

Teams and guilds


As a product designer, I collaborated with the product team to define the platform's scope and goals. 
We researched user needs and market trends to design a messaging platform that met the following criteria:

  • There is a need for a communication platform that offers global search functionality, enabling them to discover communities and stay updated with the latest trends and topics within the Web3 ecosystem.

  • Existing platforms lack effective regulation and suffer from increased spamming, undermining meaningful collaboration and communication. There is need of a regulated environment that fosters productive discussions and connects users with like-minded individuals.

  • There is a lack of a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates major web3 protocols, to leverage various functionalities in one place. Users express concerns over the lack of secure and private conversations due to the absence of encryption in chats.


Based on these research insights, we designed three major features :

  1. 1:1 Encrypted Chats : Users can engage in private conversations with end-to-end encryption, ensuring their messages remain secure and private, 
with the support of XMTP.

  2. Group Chats with Token Gated Authentication : Users can create and join group chats that require token-based authentication, enabling better community management and preventing spamming.

  3. Discover : This feature is still in development and aims to provide a global search functionality within the platform, allowing users to find communities, trending topics, and the latest information in the Web3 ecosystem.

Home screen/ Messages Screen

A Space for 1:1 encrypted chats 
along with Group Chats in channels(communities)
a user is a part of.

Lens User Profile

With The integration of Lens Protocol,
User gets to keep up their Social Identity 
by accessing their lens profile right here on MACHA.

Discover Screen

With the help of Discover feature, Users get to browse 
Globally for web3 trends and topics, staying up to date.

Token Gated Invite

Only Select Users get to join a Community,
Reducing unwanted Spammers.


The decentralized messaging platform we designed meets the needs of the web3 community by providing encrypted chats, token-gated communities, and discoverability. The platform aims to provide a user-friendly and secure messaging experience for teams and guilds in the web3 space. We will continue to improve the platform's features and user experience to ensure that it meets the needs of its users.


Got to design a product from Scratch, witnessing its various stages of iterations.

Got to contribute to the brand Identity, through creatives designed around Product’s Branding and Marketing.

Enhanced proficiency in facilitating seamless design handoffs for better collaboration with the Engineering team.